Classic Game “Dragon’s Lair” Could Soon Become a Major Film

Back in 1983, the release of Dragon’s Lair gave arcade-goers a rest from the usual rounds on the popular Ms. Pac-Man cocktail table. The title played like an animated movie, with a “choose your own destiny” plot that controlled Dirk the Daring, the knight whose aim was to rescue Princess Daphne but had to battle castle traps and creeping vines.

Dragon’s Lair Reception

Published by Cinematronics and created by Don Bluth, a former animator for Disney, the game was published on laserdisc, which gave it a very different feel than the other games published in the same time period.

The popular game led to many sequels, including Dragon’s Lair designed for the Nintendo Entertainment System, Dragon’s Lair II: Time Warp, Dragon’s Lair III: The Curse of Mordread, and the most recent addition, Dragon’s Lair 3D: Return to the Lair.

The game also become a comic book series and a cartoon series for television that aired between 1984 and 1985 on ABC.

The Movie Creation

Don Bluth has partnered with Gary Goldman, another famed producer, animator, director and actor, to launch a Kickstarter campaign to fund the initial production of a Dragon’s Lair trailer. Their goal of $550,000 will fund this project, which will then be shopped to major film studios in hopes of obtaining the rest of the financing needed to create the full-length movie, which is projected to cost $70 million total.

Bluth and Goldman have worked together on animated favorites such as “An American Tail,” “All Dogs Go to Heaven,” and “The Land Before Time,” so it is hard to picture a better partnership for the production of the film version of the classic game title.

Contributors to the Kickstarter campaign can expect to receive signed illustrations of characters and scenes from the game. Fans of Bluth and Goldman’s work are sure to find an interest in contributing and receiving personalized merchandise from the two famed film artists. Fans of the arcade game who would like to see the old classic brought to life can continue contributing until November 25th in hopes of helping the duo reach their funding goal.