Career Path: Arcade Game Tester?

Let’s face it, video games are not going away. From the advent of classic arcade games, to current modern technology, gaming holds its own place in cultures across the globe. Contrary to what you might believe, arcade games are staying relevant as well, with custom arcade machines being conceived and built constantly. If you enjoy games, arcade games specifically, you could join the ranks of specialists charged with fine-tuning arcade games before they hit major markets.

The Future of Arcade Games

In today’s world, arcade games can’t compete with the convenience of mobile phone apps and gaming consoles. However, they offer an experience unlike any other gaming format. Modern arcade games focus on providing the gamer with an intense full-on sensory overload. With wider screens and theatre-like cabinets, arcade games are much like movie theatres. Just because you can watch a film on DVD doesn’t mean you want to – it’s much more fun in theatres.

Because of the importance of each detail in the modern arcade game experience, companies like Bandai Namco pay professionals to play arcade games for hours to work out each aspect of the game and assess its usability for the public.

Become an Arcade Game Tester

To succeed as a game tester, a background in graphics and video game production is needed. You must know how games function at the basic levels and be able to provide actionable feedback for game developers. It’s not impossible to achieve this career based on personal experience, but you will have to learn programming and devote many hours to the study of game development.

In order to know if a game testing career is right for you, take advantage of beta testing offers from companies large and small to put on your resume. Spend time learning what companies are looking for in their game testers and become an expert at locating bugs found in the games you play. You might not become a sensation overnight, but time and effort can result in the career path of your dreams.