Capcom Café Opens in Saitama, Japan

No arcade machines for sale or for play at this new café, but classic gaming themes surround all patrons who enter. Capcom – yes, that Capcom – just opened their own café in Saitama, based around themes and characters from many of their popular franchises. It may seem strange to have a game production company spread out into the food industry, but Capcom and their customers don’t seem to think so.

Capcom’s Multi-Million Dollar Successes

Even if you visit the café and love the food and drink options, Capcom didn’t make their fortune this way. They were formed in 1979, 36 years ago, but their success truly began with the launch of the Street Fighter franchise in 1987. As one of the most popular and revolutionary fighting games of all times, the original and its subsequent releases have sold over 30 million copies.

Capcom’s success didn’t stop there. They also released Mega Man in 1987 and the Resident Evil phase began in 1996. While not many new releases have come forth from the development studio, Capcom still raked in 239.6 million in sales in 2014.

What to Expect at the Café

The Capcom Café features brightly colored food and drink with Capcom themes. There is also a gift shop area where visitors can purchase Capcom merchandise and keepsakes.

Capcom’s Other Eateries

Capcom has opened other restaurants based on its video game characters and franchises. For one, the company opened a bar entirely based on Resident Evil in Tokyo called Capcom Bar. They also opened Biohazard Café and Grill, also based entirely on Resident Evil, but the location was only open for one year in 2012, sticking to Capcom and Japan’s culture of “limited time” products and attractions.

One fact is for sure: travel to Japan if you’d like a taste of a culture with video game lore integrated into many attractions, even the restaurants, in the country. You won’t be disappointed.