Can Video Games Motivate You to Save for Retirement?

How influential can video games be on the next generation? That’s the question many financial experts are asking, especially when it comes to how a game’s message can motivate Millenials to start saving for their future retirement. Do you want to be able to purchase that Pac-Man cocktail table for sale without a second thought? Then it’s time to start putting away your pennies.

Play FUTUREJET – Download Today

FUTUREJET was launched by MassMutural Retirement Services and is available to download for free via the Apple app store or Google Play. The purpose of the game is to get the players thinking about the future. If you want to enjoy your retirement, you have to take steps now to create a good life for yourself down the road, and that’s a theme that’s present throughout game play.

When you play, you control spacemen characters who are responsible for saving FutureCity. They have to collect energy pods, not only to keep their jet packs powered immediately, but also to keep the city functioning in the future.

The game doesn’t get too specific, otherwise it would stop feeling like a game and more like an object lesson, but the message is clear. If you don’t acquire assets now, your finances will run dry later.

Gamification’s Effect

It’s called “gamification,” the phenomenon of learning a new concept in a fun way. In particular, games involving financial lessons can be extremely helpful in instructing younger generations how to avoid common pitfalls and mistakes. Finance can typically be a topic that incites a large amount of fear and anxiety, but once an individual is equipped with the right knowledge in a gaming environment, a lot of that fear can fall away, to be replaced with confidence and real-world know how.

FUTUREJET isn’t the first game to specifically address finances. Staples published a game online specifically for their employees called “Bite Club.” The game’s central theme involved a vampire and was meant to cause employees to think about their own lifetime and if their savings are set up to last.

Next time you get an urge to game, consider trying FUTUREJET and pondering the state of your finances while you’re at it – you might learn a few tricks.