California’s Arcade Expo Broke Pinball World Record

Banning, California is the home of the newest world record for simultaneous pinball games. Throughout the weekend of January 16-18, 2015, thousands of people flocked to the Museum of Pinball, situated an hour outside of Los Angeles to explore the new collection of vintage pinball games. The Arcade Expo didn’t just offer pinball games, but included a selection of classic arcade titles on an upright arcade machine, cocktail arcade machines and more. Some gamers came from as far as Canada to attend the event, with official attendance clocking in at 3,300.

While tickets cost between $25 and $40, once you entered the Museum of Pinball, you could play all games for free, to your heart’s content. Not only that, but gamers could participate in multiple tournaments held throughout the weekend.

World Record-Breaking Pinball Party

Before Arcade Expo’s effort, Texas’ pinball expo was the latest to hold the impressive world record of 272 people playing pinball at the same time. However, with Arcade Expo’s major collection of pinball machines and other games – over 700 – gamers easily topped the previous record, with an astounding 331.

Two famous icons in the gaming industry were on site to witness the historic event: Walter Day and Billy Mitchell. Walter Day founded the company Twin Galaxies and is an expert on all things scorekeeping as it relates to video games. Billy Mitchell is the first gamer to ever play Pac-man perfectly in its entirety.

Food, Beer and Fun

Entire families made a weekend of Arcade Expo, purchasing beer and snacks from food trucks parked outside the Museum of Pinball. The owner of the vast collection of games, John Weeks, is excited to build on this first-time event and make it happen twice each year. As of right now, Arcade Expo is set to reappear in October 2015. If you live anywhere close to Banning, be sure to mark your calendars for Arcade Expo’s next fun-filled convention. Want to find out if your favorite vintage game is a part of the collection? Go to Arcade Expo’s website and check out the giant list.