Buster Bros. Remake in the Works

Searching for the perfect arcade machine for sale no doubt brings back many old memories. There may be games that were a major part of your youth that you have completely forgotten about. For example, Buster Bros. was one of Capcom’s 1989 upright arcade hits, although the title went by many different names, including Pang and Pomping World. If you are paying attention to recent news in the arcade and video game industry, you’ll notice a revival of many old classics, and Buster Bros. is now included on that list.

The Original Game

The original arcade game accommodated two players who each controlled one of the Buster brothers. The brothers must embark on a quest to destroy various threats to many of Earth’s locations and landmarks. Altogether, the brothers have to conquer 50 different levels at 17 different places, including Mt. Fuji, the Taj Mahal, London, Barcelona, Antarctica, New York and more. They must destroy incoming balloons with various types of weapons. The original title is commonly thought to have been inspired by a 1983 computer game called Cannon Ball.

What Will the Remake Bring?

DotEmu, a French game development company, and Pastagames, another French development company based in Paris, are bringing back Buster Bros., or as they call it, Pang Adventures. The game has a completely different look partially due to the vast advances in technology – the high definition view is sure to attract the next generation of gamers.

It’s also been reported that the game will still have two-player capabilities, but many new weapons will be added to the brothers’ arsenal. Not only will they face bouncing balloons, but there will also be alien enemies to defeat as well. The levels are also varied, including a level that takes place on flying airplanes. Three game play modes will be available, “tour,” “score,” and “panic.”

Pang Adventures is set to be released in 2016 as a mobile game, for PC and for different gaming consoles – stay alert to updates to get a modern glimpse of another old classic.