Bandai Namco’s Latest: A Tekken/Galaga Combo Special

Have you spent hours on a Galaga cocktail arcade machine? Then you’re in for a treat. In honor of Tekken turning 20 years old on December 9, 1994, Bandai Namco has released a free mash-up of two of their most successful games – Galaga and Tekken. All the familiar Tekken characters replace the usual Galaga spaceships, but the gameplay of Galaga remains the same.

The History of Tekken

In Japanese, Tekken means “iron fist.” The fighting game was first released in 1994, but has since garnered multiple sequels and three films based on the title. Tekken as a series is the top selling fighting game of all time, with two of its titles counted among the greatest games ever created – Tekken 2 and Tekken 3. Altogether, the Tekken line of games has sold 44 million units. As far as individual games go, Tekken 3 ranks only behind Super Mario Smash Bros. Brawl as the best-selling fighting game in history.

Galaga’s Legacy Lives On

While Galaga was released some time before Tekken in 1981, it was actually produced as a sequel to Galaxian, which was first put out in 1979. And Bandai Namco’s newest Galaga/Tekken combination isn’t the first time the games have appeared side by side. In 1995, Galaga was available as a side game while Tekken was loading on PlayStation consoles.

Galaga first appeared in popular culture in the movie WarGames with Matthew Broderick, released in 1983. Galaga’s appeal hasn’t wavered through the ages. While writing the hit TV series Lost, the writers would take breaks and play the classic title, eventually naming one of the series’ submarines Galaga in honor of their classic arcade inspiration. Rapper Drake has also been influenced by the game, if the Galaga sound effects in his hit song “All of Me” are any indication.

Now fans of both classic arcade titles can enjoy Bandai Namco’s latest release while remembering years gone by racking up high scores on their hometown arcade cabinets of both Galaga and Tekken. iOS gamers can download the newest Bandai Namco release for free on the App Store, and Android gamers can access the title on Google Play.