Atari’s Newest Release: Ready to Play ‘Atari Jackpots?’

Atari is at it again, and no, they have not released any new upright arcade machines. After their latest bankruptcy filing, which took place last year, they’ve decided to go a new route, creating an online casino game which is accessible through social and mobile platforms.

Play Solo or With Friends

If you’ve always wanted to challenge a friend to a round of blackjack, poker, or bingo, now you can do it Atari-style, with themed games containing many classic Atari titles: Asteroids, Breakout, Centipede, and more. With both single and multiplayer functions, Atari is furthering the online casino experience with familiar graphics for Atari game-lovers and publishing their casino game in multiple languages: English, French, Portuguese and Romanian. Atari Jackpots will be available worldwide.

The chips purchased through Atari Jackpots can be bought with a credit card and used to play the slots and games, but the coins can never be cashed out. The winnings can be used to customize the user’s character features with various outfits and exchanged with friends, but that’s all – for now at least.

The Future of Online Gambling

Atari partnered with Flowplay, the creator of “Vegas World,” to bring their new virtual casino game to Atari fans everywhere. Flowplay powers multiple online casino games. For the foreseeable future, Atari will be focusing on adding multiple game titles to Atari Jackpots, while also working with the company Pariplay on another exciting project: a real-money casino game called Atari Casino.

Scheduled to be released in late 2014, Atari Casino will differ from Atari Jackpots in that you can actually cash out the chips you earn for real money. Atari might not be as alive and well as in their glory days, but they could be a pioneer of the future of gambling.