Arcade Worker Steals to Support Friend’s Shopping Addiction

Saving up all your coins to play another round on your favorite Ms. Pac-man Cocktail Table? If you spent your money at British arcade chain Teddy’s Amusements, it might have funded an employee’s out-of-control shopping addiction. A 63-year-old worker at the arcade was convicted of stealing 58,000 British pounds, almost the equivalent of $86,000 and depositing the cash into his friend’s bank account.

Arcade Theft by the Elderly

The heist wasn’t a one-time deal. Kenneth Overall, who worked at the arcade for 17 years, befriended 51-year-old Tracey O’Reilly through working with her at the establishment. When Overall found out that O’Reilly was struggling with over 20,000 pounds of debt due to a shopping addiction, he intervened.

Overall began using his own earned money to clear O’Reilly’s debt. Drama ensued when Overall’s wife discovered his support of O’Reilly. She was not in favor of using their money to subsidize O’Reilly’s spending, so Overall had to find another way to help.

He targeted the broken machines, pilfering coins out of the total haul on his way to the bank. He would alter the bookkeeping numbers to show nothing amiss, meanwhile depositing anywhere from 300 to 3,000 pounds into O’Reilly’s bank account.

Caught Red-Handed

Overall aroused suspicions when he would take the arcade’s coins to a location in the store unmonitored by security cameras. One of the managers secretly installed a new camera and obtained clear footage of Overall stealing coins from the arcade’s profits. He had been working the scheme for over three years.

Both offenders were sentenced to two years in prison and suspended for two years. Overall must complete 280 hours of volunteer work and O’Reilly 200 hours as a willing participant to the crime.

Meanwhile, Overall’s wife divorced him and he must use the profit from the sale of his home to pay back his debts. It just goes to show that crime doesn’t pay – especially crimes against an arcade with a smart manager and a security camera!