An Arcade-Style Revolution is Coming to Las Vegas

Soon enough, slot machines won’t be the main attraction at casinos across Vegas. In an effort to increase slumping revenue and draw in a new generation of potential gamblers, casino moguls will soon be adding custom arcade machines to their gaming offerings. The Association of Gaming Manufacturers successfully championed a Nevada state law to allow gaming regulations to expand and govern new, skill-based games.

Profit Downturn

In 2007, Nevada casinos were profiting majorly. All in all, they received a cool $12.9 billion in gaming proceeds. 2014 brought a different story. Gaming profits dropped to a mere $11 billion and slot machines took the worst hit. Their profits decreased by 20 percent across the board.

Casino owners recognize the trend for what it is: slot machines are the earmark of an era quickly passing by. The millennial generation is not interested in pushing a button and perhaps luckily winning money. They were raised on developing video game skill in order to beat their friend’s high score. They may be more willing to spend money on an arcade game with no chance of winning any extra cash as opposed to dropping their money on a slot machine.

Where is the Future of Casinos?

One look at the downscaled profits might make the public believe the era of gambling may end, with Vegas someday becoming a distant memory. But not so fast – the future of casino gambling involves transforming the current atmosphere into an arcade-like venue. Instead of hoping for the best, gamers will have control over their ability to win, betting cash against the game or against other opponents in an effort to defeat the arcade game challenge.

This idea has the potential to completely revolutionize the Vegas scene, which will in turn affect casinos nationwide. Once the board has drafted the gaming regulation rules and received approval from the Nevada Gaming Commission, a process which could be complete by the fall, new titles will be designed, developed and manufactured for Vegas visitor enjoyment.

Slot machines most likely will stick around for the meantime, after all, $11 billion is nothing to downplay, but the new wave of arcade betting games is bound to cause a stir and increase Vegas vacation popularity among the younger adult generation.