Anticipation Grows for Pokken Tournament’s Release

Most likely destined to become one of the most popular upright video game machines of the year, Pokken Tournament’s release is set for July 16th in Japanese arcades. Lately, Bandai Namco has been stirring up the excitement already overloading Pokemon fans who cannot wait to try out the long-awaited game, complete with Pokemon characters with fighting sequences modeled after the classic Tekken fighting game.

Newly Revealed Characters

The trailer released early in July confirmed Charizard and Weavile as two playable characters in the game. Charizard’s skills will involve fire-breathing attacks and Weavile’s attacks will include an “Ice Punch” and “Ice Shard.” Other characters available for player selection currently include Pikachu, Blaziken, Gardevoir, Gengar, Lucario, Machamp, and Suicune.

The supporting cast of characters include Jirachi and Whimsicott, just announced with the most recent trailer. Other familiar faces gamers will love to view are Eevee, Emolga, Fennekin, Frogadier, Lapras and Snivy.

The characters will all have their own arsenal of fighting punches and kicks, tailored to their unique Pokemon features.

Arcade Release

The game is supposedly designed to give players ease of accessibility and a reduced learning curve as compared to other fighting games. While the games are solely being released in arcade form, gamers will control their characters using a console device offering familiarity.

While the title releases in Japanese arcades this week, United States fans must wait for further information. Bandai Namco has not offered any information on when the game will be released in North America, and no current plans have been announced to produce a console version of the title. Some critics speculate the title will become a smash hit on Wii U due to the gigantic Pokemon fanbase in the U.S. and the action-game features of Pokken Tournament, but those thoughts persist as dreams rather than fact for now. However, the good news is Bandai Namco just released an English-language trailer for their upcoming title. Perhaps an announcement regarding a Western release is on the horizon.