Another Classic Revitalized: Q*bert is Back

Perhaps if you took a long enough break from playing the Ms. Pac-man cocktail arcade game you adored, you glanced around the arcade long enough to notice and try your hand at Q*bert, the two-dimensional puzzle action game well-loved after its release in 1982. Now, multiple development companies have collaborated on an updated version of the classic. The new title is named Q*bert: Rebooted and is free to download on iOS platforms as of August 20.

The Impact of Pixels

Adam Sandler’s movie Pixels may not have topped the rating charts, but it definitely brought the public’s attention back to what made the older generations fall in love with gaming in the first place. And children who spent their summer vacation viewing the film in theaters were introduced to many classic characters they may never have met before, Q*bert being one of them. It is both timely and fitting that Q*bert: Rebooted arrive in a repackaged, updated form of the original.

New Game Play

The new version of the game is designed to have harder levels, over 30, with more enemies to overcome as the game progresses. There are also multiple characters to utilize, potential power-ups, the ability to collect gems and more new changes. The central goal of the game stays the same: Q*bert still starts on top of his 28 block pyramid, but the touch screen and three-dimensional changes alter the dynamic of the title, making Rebooted a perfect blend of the old classic with modern technology. Don’t worry – if you miss the old way, opt for the classic version of game play at the opening screen instead of the brand new “rebooted” version.

Download Q*bert: Rebooted today and enjoy watching your children attempt to solve and overcome the puzzling and challenging levels that you spent hours on as a child yourself. Maybe you can teach them a trick or two.