Abandoned Ship Housed Over 50 Classic Arcade Games

You know there are many different arcade machines for sale on the internet, but have you checked any of the abandoned ocean liners in your hometown?

That’s what one arcade collector based in the UK did, and it paid off big time. Over 50 abandoned classic arcade games were rescued from an old ferry and cruise liner, the Duke of Lancaster, that was docked in Northern Wales.

The Duke of Lancaster

The ship was first built in 1959, and was used as a luxury passenger ferry transporting passengers all across Europe. In fact, the Duke of Lancaster was one of the last passenger steamships built to operate for the British Rail.

In 1970, the Duke of Lancaster was converted to a car ferry and was rebranded under the company Sealink. After the ship’s last commercial voyage in 1978, it was sold to a Liverpool investor who dreamed of turning the boat into a “fun ship” that would be dry-docked at Llanerch-y-Mor in North Wales. Even though the investor wanted to add hotel rooms and other attraction, this never happened due to complaints from the local council. It did operate for a time, called the Mostyn Fun Ship, with an arcade area covering the entire car deck, but it was eventually shut down and the arcades were forgotten.

Arcades Rediscovered

In 2009, a group of urban explorers posted pictures online of the inside of the now rusted, aged ship. A UK arcade collector saw the pictures and began the process of tracking down the ship’s owners to find out if the arcade cabinets were for sale. Eventually, they agreed to a deal and the collector team worked to carefully remove each cabinet from the hull of the ship, with a crane no less.

They recovered over 50 games total, which are now being restored by collectors and arcade enthusiasts across Europe. From Asteroids to Space Invaders and more, over 50 arcade cabinets will be brought back to life.

The Duke of Lancaster’s fate is still unknown, though it may be turned into an art gallery in the future.