A Remake 25 Years in the Making – River City Ransom Sequel Promises to Excite

Although U.S. based fans of River City Ransom mainly know the game as popular NES title that became a hit in the 1990s, Japanese players have seen multiple versions on several different platforms. Going by the names of Street Gangs and Downtown Nekketsu Story, River City Ransom hasn’t had an authentic sequel released in the U.S., even though there have been several announcements in the past that never were fulfilled. Thankfully, an upcoming sequel titled River City Ransom – Underground is currently underway. This sequel might not be available on a new arcade cocktail table, but it certainly will please its audience.

Developer Conatus Creative had already begun work on River City Ransom – Underground when they started a crowd funding campaign in the fall of 2013. Needing to raise around $160,000, Conatus Creative’s fundraising efforts were aimed straight at the heart of it all; the fans. The classic River City Ransom has been on a lot of top lists – from the best games for the NES to neatly structured lists of the most memorable games of the 1980s. On this side of the world, gamers have awaited the day when River City Ransom would be remade.

Because the sequel is an independently funded project, its developers have a lot of say in what is going to be included, and almost as importantly, how it will look. With Conatus Creative planning to release the game for computer while also looking into development for other video game platforms, fans are going to get nothing short of a solid game. First and foremost, conceptual drawings and video promotions show River City Ransom – Underground to look almost identical to the title that first came out in 1989.

The cast of characters set to appear in the sequel is sizable, and the game’s setting is also very impressive. Although Technos Japan, River City Ransom’s original developer, has been out of business for decades, Conatus Creative seems to be having no trouble staying the course. Much of the action in the sequel will be happening in a re-imagined version of River City High School, with the main characters Ryan and Alex fighting enemies both old and new. Despite the fact that River City Ransom – Underground has had steady financial backing, production of the game into a coin-op arcade cocktail table is highly unlikely.