A New Donkey Kong World Record?

If you’re interested in finding a Donkey Kong arcade machine for sale, you will probably want to know how high of a score you need to reach in order to be considered the best at your favorite game. Since the game made waves in arcades back in 1981 when it was first released, gamers have been battling for the title of high score record-holder for years. Currently, you will have to beat a score of 1,172,100 to beat Robbie Lakeman, who recorded the score in September via Twitch.

Previous World Champion Record-Holder

Donkey Kong is much like many older classic arcade games – it lacks endless levels, so gamers can’t play forever. They have to focus on accumulating as many points as possible until they reach level 22. Dr. Hank Chien, a plastic surgeon from New York, did just that in 2010 but Billy Mitchell, the previous champion, regained the title later that year. Steve Wiebe, another revered veteran of the game, stole it back from Mitchell until Chien beat them both once again and held the record until Robbie Lakeman came on the scene and recorded a new high score in 2014.

Donkey Kong Online Open

In September 2015, DonkeyKongForum.com organized the Donkey Kong Online Forum, during which Wes Copeland bypassed previous records to record a score of 1,170,500. But this accomplishment prompted Lakeman’s competitive juices to start flowing and he rebounded with the current record. Twin Galaxies, the organization that officially records arcade game high scores, observed the battle via Twitch.

Who Will Officially Claim the Title Next?

While the scores have yet to be certified, October brings a new tournament where both battling champions may face off head-to-head. The Twin Galaxies Entertainment Festival held in Banning, California, will showcase the skills of both Donkey Kong gamers and fans may see the announcement of a new champion following this occasion.