Zapcon Set to be Held in Phoenix This April

One of the few annually held classic arcade video gaming conferences in the U.S. will be hosted in Phoenix this year. Zapcon features hundreds of classic pinball and arcade games available for free play, vendors, movies, tournaments and more. Many of the spectators in attendance end up bringing their classic favorites, such as the original Ms. Pacman cocktail table, along so that others can enjoy the prized pieces of their collections.

Ticket prices are reasonable for the three day event to take place in early April. Unlike other conventions dedicated to video gaming, Zapcon focuses more on the titles themselves than expert panels and events. Most attendees will end up browsing a selection of more than 100 original, unique, classic arcade games until they find a title that they are unfamiliar with, or have been searching for since their childhoods. Spectators can play solo on the various arcade machines at Zapcon, or wait their turns to participate in gaming competitions.

Many vendors are also expected to be in attendance at Zapcon 2014, with some selling rare, classic arcade games, others selling accessories and a few offering arcade machine repair services. Pinball enthusiasts and arcade game fans both have something to look forward to in Zapcon 2014. In years past, live music was play and movies were shown. Event organizers play to screen a few poignant films, mainly documentaries on the pinball and video gaming worlds.

Although the Renaissance Phoenix Downtown hotel will be filled with the sounds of classic Ms Pacman arcade tables and Jolly Jokers pinball machines, both children and adults are more than invited. In fact, event organizers regularly highlight Zapcon convention photos containing images of parents playing pinball with their children asleep in slings as well as families all lined up, gaming in unison. The relatively low key event attracts hundreds of true pinball and vintage arcade gaming fans from the U.S. and abroad each year. A final event schedule has not yet been released, but a limited number of vendors have announced their participation and a few attendees have indicated which classic games they will be bringing with them.