You Can Now Play Pac-Man on Amazon’s Alexa – Sort Of

Pac-Man is one of those games that has remained popular through multiple generations. This is why it is still possible to get Pac-Man game apps for your phone, plus it is relatively straightforward to find a Pacman cocktail table for sale if you want one.

When you were a kid playing Pac-Man at your local arcade, however, you probably never thought your own kids would one day be able to talk to a speaker about Pac-Man while learning moral lessons about life. This is exactly what you can do with Pac-Man Stories on Amazon's Alexa, though.

This new Alexa skill has just been released, with Pac-Man owner Bandi Namco hoping it will introduce the famous character to a whole new generation of young people, keeping the brand alive.

What is Pac-Man Stories?

The company gets 10 out of 10 for uniqueness and innovation with this new initiative. There isn't a joystick or pellets in sight and, while it is still a game, it is unlike any other Pac-Man game or spinoff that we have ever seen before.

Pac-Man Stories includes several different stories focused on family topics. Children listen to the stories and are presented with choose-your-own-adventure-type decisions. Some of those decisions are moral ones, while others are purely for fun and interactivity purposes.

The stories feature characters from the game as well as other characters, including real-world characters. There are also lots of sound effects that players of the original Pac-Man arcade game will be familiar with.

Will it be a success? The challenge for Bandi Namco (and all other rights owners of classic games titles and characters) is keeping its brands relevant to young people of today and tomorrow. Time will tell if going down the Amazon Alexa route will help to overcome this challenge.

The odds, however, are on their side. After all, Pac-Man is still familiar to children today, decades after we were all playing it in our local arcades. We’ll wait to see if Alexa can elongate its life even further.

While it might be fun for children, talking to a speaker about Pac-Man is nowhere near as good an experience as playing the original game on a real arcade machine. You can do exactly this, however, with the arcade machines in our range – check them out today.