World Video Game Hall of Fame 2017 Finalists Announced

Chances are you played at least one of these games on a cocktail arcade table back in the golden age of arcade games. The Strong Museum has announced the finalists for this year’s class of impactful video and arcade games, set to be inducted into the museum later this year. But the finalists aren’t limited to decades ago – more recent games may have a place in the hall too.

The Process

Anyone from anywhere in the world was allowed to nominate games they believe hold a significant place in history and have had an impact on the industry. Thousands of nominations poured in from hundreds of countries. Now it’s up to an international committee of scholars and journalists of the gaming industry to decide on the final 2017 induction roster.

They will officially announce the winners on May 4th. The games will be chosen based on the title’s geographical reach, or whether it has achieved “icon status” worldwide. Games that have impacted the course of the industry and gaming development as a whole are also more likely to be chosen.

Throwing It Back

One of the oldest games nominated for this year, “Donkey Kong,” was released to arcades in 1981 and sold 132,000 cabinets. It’s a definite gaming classic that likely won’t be overlooked by the committee. “Street Fighter II”, though released later in 1991, effectively prompted a rebirth in arcade popularity and remains one of the top-selling arcade games of all time.

Modern Hits

“Wii Sports” is a more modern pick, but it was one of the most accessible games ever released, allowing people of all ages, from toddlers to grandparents, to get involved in the motion-control gaming fun. “Portal” is also nominated, which doesn’t come as a surprise to its many devoted fans.

What’s Your Pick?

From Microsoft’s “Solitaire” to “Mortal Kombat” to “Halo: Combat Evolved,” there’s a favorite game for everyone on the complete list of nominations, but only six will gain entry to the hall of fame. Check out the complete list of nominees on the Strong Museum’s website. Which game would you choose?