Will “Project Scorpio” Deliver on The Hype?

Back in the day, the only choice of platform gamers had was deciding between an upright arcade machine and a cocktail table arcade game. Today, the gaming platform options are plentiful, and console makers battle for the attention of each and every gamer. This year, Microsoft’s “Project Scorpio” is set to join the fight.

What Is Project Scorpio?

Microsoft is excited about Xbox Scorpio and they want you to be too. They’re hyping it as the most powerful console ever made, marketed to gamers who want better graphics in their game play. When hooked up to a 4K TV, Xbox Scorpio is designed to deliver “native 4K” quality. Also, Xbox One games will be available to play on Xbox Scorpio, encouraging gamers to go for the upgrade without the need to reestablish their entire library of games.

A Three-Way Console Battle?

With the Nintendo Switch coming out in early 2017 ahead of Xbox Scorpio’s projected fall 2017 release, many critics have pitted the two consoles against each other, making predictions as to which will sell better.

In reality, these two consoles aren’t in direct competition with each other. Microsoft’s Xbox Scorpio is going up against Sony’s PlayStation 4 Pro, released in the fall of 2016. Similar to Microsoft’s plan, Sony decided to release a system that upgraded the graphics of the original PS4, but maintained compatibility. Will Microsoft’s Xbox Scorpio be able to take gamers away from Sony given the Scorpio’s specs are just a bit more impressive?

Nintendo hasn’t jumped into the graphics race. The Switch reveals that Nintendo is more concerned about functionality. The Switch is designed to be both a home family game console and a mobile game system. Multiple people can play games together at the same time, no matter where they are.

Another factor that may push the Switch’s popularity is its access to exclusive Nintendo titles. Nintendo games are some of the best on the market, including franchises like “Super Mario” and “Zelda.” Also, the Nintendo Switch will likely be priced well below the cost of either a Microsoft Xbox Scorpio or a Sony PlayStation 4 Pro, making it the console of choice for budget-conscious gamers.

2017’s console trends will tell developers a lot about the direction gaming is headed and which type of console the regular gamer appreciates the most.