Where Are All the High Scores?

Recording and then subsequently beating your high score on your favorite arcade game is quite a personal achievement. But there are also lots of gamers who have more of a competitive edge. Twin Galaxies is internationally recognized in the arcade world as the company that details all record breaking high score achievements. In fact, for as long as Twin Galaxies has been in business, it has been maintaining records and keeping arcade game high score achievers honest. A classic cocktail arcade table can easily be tampered with, so Twin Galaxies often made record holders prove that they had earned their statuses.

From 1981, when Twin Galaxies originally went into business, until 2012, when the company was quietly sold to another group of arcade game lovers, all new high scores were promptly confirmed and posted. At first, when Richie Knucklez and Jourdan Adler took over the back office of Twin Galaxies, everything was running smoothly. Their aim was host even more arcade game competitions and go further to confirm that the original arcade games used by gamers were up to snuff. Unfortunately, everything seems to have come to a screeching halt.

For whatever reason, Knucklez and Adler couldn’t come to an agreement on the direction of Twin Galaxies and they are quietly embroiled in a legal dispute. Currently, no record arcade game scores can be viewed at the company website and no news of upcoming arcade tournaments have been announced. While there is no question that Twin Galaxies will be up and running again and the future, high scores are still being earned. No one knows if these high score winners will be recognized in the future, or if they’ll be told that they have to try again.

Twin Galaxies has been around longer than many of the games that players make their high score attempts on. For every record high score achievement recognized by Twin Cities, there are dozens more fans and tournament attendees that have remained loyal to the company. All a gamer needed was an original cocktail arcade table and a little hope in order to go down in the Twin Galaxies record books. These record high scores can never be erased, but for now, they have been indefinitely displaced.