What Was Your Favorite Arcade Game of the 1980s?

Long before gamers had Assassins Creed, Grand Theft Auto or Halo to entertain them, they had arcade machines in the local pizza shop or arcade. These beacons of electronic entertainment gave gamers hours of entertainment and caused many to scrounge around for quarters looking for their next fix. Although you won't find arcade machines at every local pizza parlor or neighborhood hangout like you once could, that doesn't mean arcade machines aren't still a viable form of entertainment for the young and young at heart. With that in mind, we thought it would be fun to look at some of our favorite games of the 1980s. These games combine game play, good story and innovation, and they were precursors to the games we see today.

  • Donkey Kong: They made a documentary movie about this one and for good reason. In order to be considered a top gamer in your town or in the nation, you had to have a mastery of Donkey Kong, which was easier said than done. The plot is very simple. You have to climb up the various platforms and ladders as you avoid barrels and fireballs to reach the princess. However, mastering this was anything but simple as the barrels came at many different angles, and you had to time everything just right. Reaching the Kill Screen made you a god.
  • Pac-Man: A Pac-Man arcade machine is an investment in hundreds of hours of fun. Released in 1980, the game has generated $2.5 billion in quarters and remains a beloved classic because of the simple but addictive gameplay. Your job as Pac-Man is to eat. That's it. But there might be a few monsters and ghosts in your way. Pac-Man has been adapted for many of the console systems, but it's the arcade classic that rings true to our hearts.
  • Frogger: This classic game of the Golden Age of Video Arcade Games enjoyed renewed interest in the mid-1990s when Seinfeld did an episode on it where George tried to get the machine he got the high score on across the street without it getting destroyed. It didn't work out so well for him, but it was a fun look back at the 1981 classic. Again, Frogger has pretty simple gameplay: You have to guide your frog across the road and the lake and into his home. But that's where the simplicity ended. Gamers had to be careful and quick as the levels were timed. Frogger remains one of the most played games to this day.


What are some of your favorite arcade classics?