What Early Xbox One Sales Figures Mean for the Future of Classic Arcade Gaming

At the stroke of midnight on November 22, 2013, Microsoft unveiled the long awaited Xbox One game console. Already, members of the gaming industry are reporting that Xbox One sales are strong. Just a few days before, the Sony PlayStation 4 debuted to similar praise and sales. What’s strange is the fact that many were anticipating the resurgence of refurbished classic arcade machines along with continued growth in the mobile gaming sector instead.

While it is obvious that both the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4 are definitely going to shape the world of home gaming, the cost, content restrictions and platform changes were initially a huge deterrent to many veteran gamers. First, Microsoft sought to ban consumers from playing titles purchased especially for the Xbox One on more than one console. Then, it was announced that Sony was considering going in a similar direction. After a large amount of backlash on the web, both console developers made notable changes to their previous content licensing restriction plans.

Any consumer that purchases one of these consoles will absolutely need to have a home based Internet connection in order to get the full gaming experience. Optional subscription plans like Xbox Live and the PlayStation Network have long given players access to newer, fresh and more premium content, but you could still pop in a title and complete the entire game without accessing the web in the past. The PlayStation 4 and Xbox One undoubtedly appeal to younger gamers and those that practically live on the Internet, but some of the most complex features would barely cause a hardcore, vintage gaming fan to flutter an eyelash.

New gaming consoles have been going in the direction of the classic arcade, and most users haven’t even noticed it. For example, Call of Duty can be played in an online based cooperative mode, connecting players from all over the globe. The more people that participate, the more chaos, destruction, and fun that can ensue. In the old days of classic gaming, multiple players would go head to head, while a cheering crowd pushed them on. While some players will forever be satisfied playing from their couches, true fans of classic arcade machines feel more alive when they stand on their feet.