We Know More About the Ataribox, But There's No Release Date Yet

Atari has announced more details about the Ataribox it plans to release. This is not surprising as multi-game arcade machines and retro consoles are all the rage at the moment. Also, Blade Runner 2049 is about to hit cinema screens and, like the original movie, Atari's well-known logo features prominently. Understandably, Atari thought this an opportune time to give more information.

This includes details of the spec – it will have an AMD processor and will run on Linux – as well as Atari's vision for the console. Arguably, however, the most crucial piece of information is the fact that Atari plans to launch an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign to progress the Ataribox's development. The company hopes to then release it in the first half of 2018.

In other words, while it is a company with a 40-plus year heritage, it is treating the launch of the Ataribox as if it was a new start-up. This approach gives fans of the original Atari a chance to get involved with the Ataribox at a very early stage – before the product even goes to the manufacturers for development.

In addition, Atari promises it will factor in fan feedback as it finalizes the design of the new Ataribox.

Back Catalog of Games

For fans of Atari, another crucial aspect of the planned Ataribox is the fact it will be released with a significant back catalog of classic and much-loved Atari games. The company plans it to be an open console, however, so you will also be able to play modern games from other providers. That means switching from Space Invaders to Minecraft or Asteroids to Terraria.

Atari hasn't yet confirmed which classic games will be available when it releases Ataribox, but the fact it will be such an open console will make it more appealing. Another piece of information we now know is the price Atari anticipates – $250 to $300.

Of course, it won’t be as powerful as a modern Xbox or PlayStation console, but that is not the point with Ataribox. It is all about retro gaming and reliving those days that you spent in front of your 1980s TV screen or at the arcade playing games that are still enjoyable today.

You don’t have to wait for the release of the Ataribox to play great 1980s classic games, however. Check out our range of multi-game arcade machines that are available to purchase now.