Virtual Reality Helping to Revive the Arcade Gaming Market

Ever since home video gaming consoles began to support the same high quality graphics found in arcades, gamers have been staying indoors. While this is great news for the likes of Sony and Microsoft, arcades offering the new Ms Pacman arcade machine have been struggling to stay in business. A little more than a decade ago, it was thought that virtual reality would cause gamers to flock to arcades, but the technology just wasn’t ready yet. Today, VRcade is giving arcade owners as well as fans hope.

One of the biggest reasons that virtual reality gaming hasn’t taken off is because the equipment tends to be cumbersome. It can also be difficult to setup and downright expensive. With a headset, digital glasses and wireless controller firmly in place, gamers are shifted to an alternative reality where everything they see, feel and hear is in three dimensions. Even vintage arcade games of the early 1980s simulated motion, depth and space, so it makes sense that the next generation in gaming would take game play to the next level.

While companies such as Nintendo sought to find a middle ground between traditional home gaming consoles and virtual reality with the Wii, some felt that there was still something missing. Traditional home video game systems require players to remain in a set place. The Xbox Kinect allows gamers to jump, kick, punch and move within a limited square, and the Wii controller works in conjunction with player’s movements. Visually, they still don’t measure up to virtual reality gaming.

Prudent arcade owners are shying away from standard arcade machines, and are opting to purchase big screen TVs instead. The thought is that gamers will come back to the arcade if they are able to play titles in a way that is larger than life. Virtual reality lets you move freely, within reason, while serving graphics that coincide with every step that you take. Each time that you put on your virtual reality headset, you can expect a new and fresh experience. Although the classic Ms Pacman arcade machine will never lose its place in the arcade, there might soon be a new star in the show.