Video Games Designed to Get You Moving

From 2K Sports and Fitbit to exercise product entrepreneurs, video game designers everywhere are working towards a lofty greater goal: inspiring gamers to exercise. Reward yourself later with a sit-down session at your cocktail arcade table, but right now, if you want to develop a six-pack and earn a boost in NBA2K17, you’d better get moving.

Fitbit and 2K Sports Team Up

As 2K Sports and Fitbit know, all it takes is motivation to get gamers out from in front of a screen and on their feet…motivation that includes a major boost in their play the next time they sit down to play NBA2K17.

Gamers can now sync their Fitbit tracker to their PlayStation 4 or Xbox One. If they meet the daily goal of 10,000 steps, they get a 5-point boost on attribute and success rates. Their avatar will be more agile and be able to dunk better and finish more layups. Once they take advantage of the boost, it works for five games.

Each day provides a new opportunity for Fitbit users to earn the boost. So as long as you get your workout in before gaming time, you’ll blow away the competition.

Stealth: The Gaming Ab Machine

Another new fitness product that’s harnessing the draw of video games is Stealth, a core exercising machine that lets you play video games while you’re in a plank position.

The machine is currently in crowdfunding mode on Kickstarter, but the support is astounding. The idea has already raised over $114,000 of its $20,000 goal as of this writing.

The Stealth Core trainer is a platform with space for your smartphone as well as arm rests. You download the Stealth training app (which is free) and choose a game. The games are all about three minutes in length. Place the phone facing upwards and go into plank position on the trainer. Use precise, controlled body movements to play Stealth games and strengthen your core at the same time. You can challenge a friend or play against yourself.

Video games are fun, but they can serve a dual purpose – you can get fit during your gaming session or use your workout to boost your score.