Video Game-Like Surgical Training App That Works

Who knew that popular cocktail arcade games from the 80s would be influencing modern medicine in 2016? Video game technology continues to have an impact beyond its own industry. The latest development is a surgical training app that helps medical professionals practice the skills and techniques that could someday save the life of a real patient. It’s called Airway EX.

Level EX Is Filling a Major Gap

Let’s face it – surgeons have a stressful job. There are only so many chances to practice surgical techniques, and when they do get the chance, it’s during a real surgery, with a real patient on the operating table. There is no room for error.

Chicago-based company Level EX is looking to change that. Sam Glassenberg, Level EX CEO, recognized the need for an update in the technology used for surgical simulations when he compared it to video game technology, graphics and quality, and noticed a significant gap. He created a prototype of the company’s first app, Airway EX, and doctors quickly rallied behind the idea.

Airway EX Is Revolutionary Airway EX, the first app produced by Level EX, is based on real-life footage from surgeries and has been produced with the support of research from the medical community. Medical professionals can practice performing 18 different airway surgery procedures. Even though the simulation doesn’t involve a live patient, making a mistake in the procedure produces realistic results. The patient in the simulation can react by bleeding, coughing and more. It’s already being tested at many of the top training hospitals in the country, such as Mount Sinai in New York City.

Future simulations developed by Level EX will go even further. Glassenberg states that the company plans on partnering with medical device manufacturers so that surgeons can virtually test new tools before using them in the hospital operating room.

Ultimately, the goal of Level EX and all the professionals who are behind the company’s efforts is to increase the success rate of live surgeries and prepare doctors even better for what they may face on the operating table. Saving lives - that’s another win for video game technology.