You'll Soon Be Able to Use All Your Old Sega Cartridges on a New Console

Classic video games and classic arcade machines are experiencing a renaissance – we have covered this topic many times before. A lot of the new releases of classic consoles and games, however, involve using new hardware technology and an emulation of the original game.

This lets fans play the games they loved when they were younger. It also introduces a new generation to these fantastic games.

However, the software emulation process always results in a loss of authenticity, i.e. it's the same game, but the experience isn't the same.

This is where the new console from Analogue is different. It’s called the Mega Sg and it takes authenticity to a whole new level.

The Mega Sg

The Mega Sg lets you play your original Sega video game cartridges. That's right – you don't need to buy new versions of the game. Instead, all those old cartridges you have sitting in storage will work.

The company was able to achieve this by using technology that duplicates the behavior of Sega consoles from the 1980s and 1990s. They then added ports that allow you to plug-in and play all those old cartridges.

You can use cartridges from the following Sega consoles on the new Mega Sg:

• Sega SG-1000 (via an additional adapter)

• Sega SG-3000 (via an additional adapter)

• Sega Mark II (via an additional adapter)

• Sega Genesis (via a built-in port)

• Sega Mega Drive (via a built-in port)

• Sega Master System (via an adapter)

You can also play Sega CDs, and you can even use your original Sega controllers. That said, there are new wireless options available too which have the same design as the original controllers.


This is a unique approach to retro gaming as most other manufacturers, including Nintendo and Sega, have released, or are releasing, consoles that let you play classic games. Analogue, however, is the only manufacturer making consoles that let you play classic games in their truly original form, i.e. using the original game cartridge.

The Mega Sg will be available next April, but you can pre-order now. The console costs $189.

Playing classic 1980s games they way they were originally designed is also what we are about at Arcade Classics. The difference is we focus on arcade games rather than home gaming consoles. Check out our range of classic arcade machines today.