Unexpected Partnership Between Pac-Man and Red Bull Gives Fans Access to New Content

Modern technology has changed what people think when it comes to finding a Pacman arcade game for sale. Back when the game first came out, the only option you had was to go to your local arcade with some quarters in your pocket. Today, however, you can get Pac-Man on your phone.

This new technology makes all sorts of Pac-Man initiatives possible, including the unique announcement that Red Bull has released a limited-edition Pac-Man energy drink. It did this in partnership with Pac-Man rights holder, Bandai Namco.

The partnership means there are now limited-edition Red Bull cans in stores around the country that feature Pac-Man graphics.

New Game Features

The new and limited-edition Pac-Man Red Ball drinks are only part of this initiative, however, as it is not just about the new graphics on the cans. You’ll also find new Red Bull-related content on the Pac-Man app too.

To access the new features, you need to enter the codes found on the bottom of Pac-Man Red Bull cans. Each code gives you access to a new maze and you will also get to play new levels.

Plus, Pac-Man gets a new ability when you enter the Red Bull code. This new ability enables Pac-Man to take out the ghosts after you pick up a Red Bull can, even if you’re not in blue mode. The Red Bull cans are scattered around each new maze. Not only that, ghosts won't try to get away from you when you have this new powerup.

Other Features

From a visual perspective, you’ll see Red Bull letters instead of cherries when playing the game.

Finally, the official website of the Pac-Man Red Bull drink features a digital soundboard you can have some fun with. It includes great sounds and songs that have featured in Pac-Man games down through the years.

Remember, though, the cans are limited edition and many of the Red Bull in-game elements are also time limited. If you want to try them out, you’ll need to do so quickly.

If you would prefer to play Pac-Man on a real arcade machine, however, even if it doesn’t have all the limited-edition Red Bull features, you should check out our range of full-size arcade machines. Each comes pre-loaded with the original Pac-Man game as well as Ms. Pac-Man, Pac-Man Plus, and many other classic games.