Travel Company Offers the Ultimate Arcade Gaming Package

The classic Pacman arcade machine doesn’t take players on a majestic trip through time and space, but there are a lot of other titles that do. Enter the ‘Epic Gaming Adventure.’ For around $9,000, true lovers of arcade classics can travel to the most rare and remote cities that serve as the backdrop of popular titles, and be inspired by the sights, sounds and culture of these iconic locations. This vacation package is the brainchild of STA Travel, and it’s already garnered quite a buzz in the gaming world.

If the idea of traveling to cities that have inspired the makers of some prolific arcade games is causing you to raise an eyebrow, take a closer look at what’s being offered. Not only will you be traveling around the world, you will also be visiting some places that you would never think to go on your own. In Rockstar Game’s Red Dead Redemption, players travel through Texas and Mexico on some far out adventures.

From Phucket, Thailand to Havana, Cuba, gamers can travel the world over, in style, while getting a quick lesson on the history of arcade gaming. While the average gamer might not be willing to spend that much cash on a trip, STA Travel has marketed the travel package ingeniously. With the holidays approaching, sometimes finding the perfect gift for arcade game fans can be difficult, especially when they already have an impressive collection.

The ‘Epic Gaming Adventure’ covers two travelers across 13 different cities. You might need to request a little time off from work as the trip itself lasts for over three weeks. Going on the ‘Epic Gaming Adventure’ might be a great way to get a reluctant spouse to start enjoying arcade games, or help parents teach their children a little more about classic gaming.

There’s no telling how successful STA Travel will be at convincing gaming fans to go on an arcade gaming inspired trip, but the idea itself is very cool. Vacationers will probably come across a restored Pacman arcade machine or two during their travels, as well as some of their other favorite games.