Top Video Game Billionaires: What’s Their Next Money-Making Opportunity?

Back when classic arcade machines used to rake in the cash, gaming executives likely never believed the industry could produce billionaires, but they believed wrong.

Today, not only has the gaming industry evolved considerably, entertaining millions all over the world, it’s created billionaires out of many technology-savvy business professionals who know gaming inside and out.

Here are three of the top video game billionaires you’ve probably heard of:

Bill Gates

No list of billionaires is complete without the name “Bill Gates.” After all, he is the richest person in the world. With a net worth of $83.9 billion, he’s mostly associated with computers and software, but don’t forget: Xbox is a Microsoft product. In Microsoft’s latest financial quarter, they raked in $3 billion in gaming revenue, 14 percent of their total profits. Video games have been kind to Bill Gates.

Gabe Newell

Maybe you’ve heard of the head of Valve Corporation – Gabe Newell. He’s known for creating significant gaming franchises such as “Portal” and “Half-Life.” Valve’s PC gaming distribution platform, Steam, also generates a hefty revenue income for the corporation. Newell has a total net worth of $4.1 billion.

William Ding

William Ding is China’s first video game billionaire. His company Netease publishes Chinese games but also works with developers to release games like “World of Warcraft” in China. Ding has a total net worth of $17.3 billion.

E-Sports: The Next Frontier

Take note: you’ve heard a lot about e-sports in the past few months, and the buzz is only going to grow. Activision Blizzard is launching an “Overwatch” league. The NBA is creating its own “NBA 2K” league, with each team associated with its real-life NBA counterpart. Electronic Arts founded a Competitive Gaming Division to oversee competitions on their games, such as “Battlefield” and “Madden,” and they plan to expand this area of business in 2018.

The video game industry has proven its ability to create billions in revenue around the globe, and many experts believe e-sports will only add to the profits. Will more billionaires be added to the list of the world’s richest people as a result? The answer is likely yes.