Top 5 Pop Culture Trends of the 1980's

Whether we were phoning home or defending the world against evil with GI Joe figurines, the pop culture of the 80s truly defined the era. Not only did we rock out in our leggings with our My Little Ponies, but the pop culture of the 80s brought us hours of fun-induced headaches with Rubik's Cube and competitive hair teasing. We wanted our MTV by day and Pac-Man by night.

Below are the top 5 pop culture trends of the 1980's.

  1. Pac-Man
    From Pac-Man Arcade Machines to Frogger on Nintendo Entertainment Systems (NES), no day was complete without trying to beat your most recent highest score on these games. Pac-Man was developed by Namco and first released in Japan on May 22, 1980. It was licensed for distribution in the United States by Midway and released in October 1980… and the rest is history!
  2. Metal Lunchboxes
    If you weren’t sporting a metal lunchboxes with your favorite movie or TV show imprinted on the front, you were most likely brown-bagging it, which just wasn’t cool in the ’80s. Even though the days of the metal lunch box are long gone, you can still purchase collectables with your favorite ’80′s icons.
  3. MTV
    Ah, the good old days when MTV was exactly that – music television! MTV was launched in 1980 and music videos began to have a larger effect on pop culture. Notable pop culture artists included Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Duran Duran, Prince, Madonna, and Queen.
  4. Rubik’s Cube
    There’s nothing quite like the satisfaction of finally solving that Rubik’s cube you’ve been working on for months at a time. Considered to be the world’s best-selling toy, the Rubik’s Cube reached its height of mainstream popularity in the 1980s. Other awesome toys included Transformers, G.I. Joe, Masters of the Universe, Cabbage Patch Kids, Micro Machines, and Care Bears.
  5. Indiana Jones
    Back in the early 80s, there was no bigger action star than Harrison Ford.  Coming off the heels of his success in Star Wars, Ford jumped right into the next biggest series of his career as the titular adventurer. Other notable movies include Star Wars V and IV, Terminator, Aliens, Top Gun, Die Hard, The Breakfast Club, Stand By Me, The Goonies, Willow, Beetlejuice, Who Framed Roger Rabbit?, Gremlins, Batman, and Predator.

What were your favorite pop culture memories from the ’80s? Anyone? Bueller… Bueller…