Top 4 Classic Konami Arcade Games of the 80s

Whenever you were in your local arcade back in the 1980s, chances are the there was a Konami video game among the upright and cocktail arcade machine selections. After all, the Japanese company is one of the most famous and most successful in video game history. Its video game series includes titles like Metal Gear and Pro Evolution Soccer.

Konami’s journey into video game design started 45 years ago this month, in March 1973.

To mark the occasion, we’ve looked back at some of the great 1980s arcade games from Konami. Here are four of the best. 4

Classic Konami Arcade Games

• Frogger – the 1981 classic game Frogger was published by Sega but it was developed by Konami. The game involves getting a frog across a road and river, both of which have traffic and other hazards that can kill the frog. It is the inspiration for modern titles like Crossy Roads, but Frogger is the original – and the best.

• Castlevania – okay, this one isn’t strictly an arcade game as most people in the US played it on the NES. It is one of Konami’s all-time great game series, however, so we decided to bend the rules a little bit. The first version arrived in the US in 1987 and was a side-scrolling adventure game with a gothic theme – you control vampire hunters fighting Dracula.

• Scramble – when Scramble came out in 1982, it quickly became a favourite title because of its engrossing gameplay. This helped the game become commercially successful. It was a side-scroller, but it introduced something gamers had never seen before – forced scrolling. In the game, you control a jet and must shoot enemies and avoid obstacles while ensuring you don't run out of fuel.

• Tutankham – this is another of Konami's releases from 1982. You control an explorer who is robbing the tomb of the ancient Egyptian pharaoh, Tutankhamen. The explorer must evade various enemies while doing this. You may have noticed the name of the game is not spelled the same as the Egyptian pharaoh. This is because Tutankhamen would not fit on the arcade cabinet properly, so the decision was taken to shorten it to Tutankham.

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