Three Ways to Bring the 80s into Your Home

Last August, the Toronto Sun reported on a man named Blair Guelph who took his family and home back in time to 1986. Now he did not contact Doc Brown or develop his own flux capacitor. Instead, he and his girlfriend decided to remove everything from their home that wasn’t available before the year of their birth, 1986. This means no flat screen television, no computers, no cell phones, no tablets, no Xbox – pretty much everything that the modern family thrives on to survive in this day and age.

They were doing this to see if they would get more creative with their entertainment and spend more time as a family rather than a group of individuals with their heads down and focused on their computer or smart phone screens. While we’re not suggesting you go on a similar venture, there’s no harm in being a little nostalgic and bringing some of the 80s back into your home. Here are some ideas that we thought of that might be fun to consider:

Cocktail Arcade Table

Do you want to be the talk of the neighborhood? Get a cocktail arcade table. An Arcade Classics cocktail arcade table is the easiest way to go back in time to that local arcade you visited as a child. You’ll be amazed by how quickly those sounds and 8-bit graphics take you back. And with more than 75 games to choose from as well as a number of customization options, you can have the cocktail arcade table that best fits your own childhood.

Bring Out the 21st Century Cassette Player

No matter your musical taste, you probably have cassettes of your favorite bands from the time somewhere. There’s no reason to get rid of these tapes. Rather, why don’t you convert those cassettes to cd and mp3 files to breathe new life into your music? It’s a great way to save money and relive some of those glory days.

Shop at Thrift Stores

Okay, nobody here is going to say that the 1980s was a Golden Age of American Fashion. In fact, most people have made effort to remove any incriminating images of them sporting big hair or the Don Johnson Vice look. However, if you want to bring some retro clothing items in your closet, there are a wide variety of outlets available to you, including thrift stores, auctions, yard sales and eBay. We don’t recommend bringing back the Indy fedora though. That should stay right where it is in time.