Three 80s Classics That Turn 30 This Summer

While the video game industry today is stronger and more successful than it ever has been, the 1980s remains the decade that many people remember most fondly. The act of going to a multi game arcade with your pockets full of change was impossible to stay away from.

If this was your experience, here are three legendary 80s games which turn 30 this summer. If you haven’t played them in a while, you should find a way to play them again. They don't have the same performance, graphics, or polish as modern games, but they are still fantastic fun.

1. 1943 – The Battle of Midway

The shoot 'em up arcade game 1943 – The Battle of Midway was released in June 1987. It was the follow-up to 1942, the successful WWII-themed game. 1943 – The Battle of Midway is also set in the Second World War and you fly a P-38 Lightning. You must get through 16 stages to destroy the Japanese battleship Yamato.

2. After Burner

It was in July 1987 that we first got the opportunity to sit in an arcade machine to control an F-14 Tomcat in After Burner. Just about every teenager in the country imagined they were Maverick (played by Tome Cruise) from the 1986 film Top Gun as they engaged in simulated air-to-air combat.

3. Street Fighter

Yes, 1987 was also the year we got our first introduction to Street Fighter. The 1991 sequel, Street Fighter II, ultimately became the bigger success. The original arcade version of Street Fighter, however, laid the foundation for one of the longest lasting and successful video game series in history. Street Fighter was released by Capcom in August 1987.

Turning 35

If you weren't into any of the above 30-year-old games, this 35-year-old might spark your interest: Donkey Kong Jr.

It was released in August 1982. In case you've forgotten the plot, in the original Donkey Kong, Mario captures Donkey Kong for trying to kidnap Pauline, his girlfriend. In the sequel, you control Donkey Kong Jr. as he tries to free his father from Mario's cage.

There are lots of ways of playing classic 1980s games like those above, but the best and most authentic is on an actual arcade machine. With today’s computing power, arcade machines can be packed with multiple games – check out the options now.