Thieves Steal Thousands from UK Arcade Owner

Sometimes criminals show so much creativity and ingenuity that it is hard to imagine that they were ever out of work. According to Plymouth Crown Court, a band of thieves broke into the backs of refurbished arcade cocktail tables at Winners Amusements so that they could retrieve money spent by gamers. The gang came into the arcade under the guise of being paying customers. When the owner was distracted, a few members of the street gang went to work. They bored holes into the backs the arcade machines, rigging them so that they could easily collect payouts that were lawfully meant for the owner of Winners Amusements.

Although the scam occurred back in 2009, police investigated Tony Bailey, Ashley Wise, and Joseph Lambert closely, discovering that they had made off with nearly $10,000. The gang reportedly used some sort of sophisticated electronic mechanism that guided money from the drop box into their own containers. On a few separate occasions, members of the gang went back to Winners Amusements so that they could collect money from the rigged machines. A lawyer for one of the men accused has indicated that his client no longer commits criminal offenses. While sending the gang members would send a sharp message to the community, the presiding judge has decided that it would be best for the trio to actually pay for their crimes.

All three men have been or are expected to be sentenced to hundreds of hours of community service. The accused must also pay the Plymouth Crown court for all costs associated with investigating and prosecuting their cases. The owner of Winners Amusements was shocked when he learned that he had been ripped off for nearly $10,000. At a time where arcade owners depend on every dime that they earn, losing thousands of dollars to thieves is almost unimaginable. Thankfully, this should be the last time that you ever hear about a crime of this nature being committed. Anti-theft devices are now standard in new arcade cocktail tables, so thieves will have to do more than drill in order to undercover hidden treasure.