The Ms. Pacman Arcade Machine Still Rocks

The Ms. Pacman arcade machine has been a favorite among many when it comes to the "old school" arcade games. Many consumers prefer playing this 80's sensation instead of the new and modern gaming technology. It was fun to see how fast she could go while running from her ghostly attackers with those large mouths and intimidating movements. There were secret escape routes on each side of the maze structure, which helped the player move fast for disappearing in seconds. Some of her goals were to eat all of the fruit popping up, swallow bullets, and to win extra Mrs. Pacman time with a goal to survive to the next level. There are actually Ms. Pacman games out now that have been retouched with fresh features for this day and age.

The Ms. Pacman arcade machine was considered a sequel to the regular Pac Man game, which was already very popular itself. Before the realease of either, the first name given was Puck Man on May 22, 1980. Its production was created by a man named Toru Iwatini, and this started a revolution in new game inventions of that era. Toru Iwatini happened to be a programmer from Japan at a company called Namco. It took 18 months total for the inventor to devise his plan with help from other programmers he worked with. Their idea was to make a shape that resembled the Japanese kanji symbol for the word mouth, and that is where the developers decided to make the game character something that would eat things as it moved around. The adding of fruit jumping about was decided upon when there were questions on how to persuade players to reach a goal and not go into straight lined motion just swallowing pellets.

Ms. Pacman ran many familiar games right out of the competition because Ms. Pacman was all anyone wanted to hear about for years. Competitions were held in local areas and nationally. The first championship competition was conducted in the year 2007. Gamers all over the world still enjoy watching Mrs. Pacman run across their screens with hopes of conquering the missions and completing the game