The Duck Dynasty Continues with a New Arcade Game

Reality TV fans are probably familiar with the TV show Duck Dynasty, but diehard gamers will also be thrilled to learn that the makers of the show have just released new arcade machines. The Duck Dynasty name has been lent to the Big Buck series, which centers around tracking and shooting wild game in rapid succession. The game itself is reminiscent of Nintendo’s Duck Hunt, but the graphics and sounds are much more sophisticated. Players take hold of a plastic rifle, which is mounted on the front of the machine.

The title of the game is Big Buck HD Duck Dynasty, and it includes three dynamic gaming modes. This competitive first person shooter comes in high definition, which sucks players right into the action. The objective is to take out as many animals as you possibly can. Big Buck HD Duck Dynasty has web capabilities, allowing gamers to post and compare scores online.

While there are quite a few first person arcade shooters with life like graphics and online scoring features, few if any feature reality TV stars. The cast of Duck Dynasty has an almost cult like following, due to their unusual rise to success. They’re colorful and represent a community that is rarely recognized in popular culture, let alone followed, analyzed and broadcast worldwide.

Whether you enjoy hunting or are staunchly opposed to it, Big Buck HD Duck Dynasty is still a cool game. Bonus rounds, new characters and other surprise features give the title an original edge as well as widespread appeal. The game’s new features also includes a competitive tournament mode, which enables players to go head to head from anywhere in the world. This is the perfect opportunity for fans of the show to pretend that they are skilled hunters on a mission to take down big trophies.

Duck Dynasty coin operated arcade machines aren’t expected to appear in all arcades across the nation, but quite a few arcade operators have expressed interest. Dedicated Duck Dynasty fans that can’t local arcades that carry the title might want to contact the game’s manufacturer to find out about purchasing options. If you have always wanted to be a virtual hunter, you have to try your hand at this game.