The Challenge of Arcade Machines

What seems to be missing in the video games of today is the challenge that arcade machines use to give us. Much like our movies, video games at times lose their focus by putting all their energy into graphics, sacrificing the quality of the story line, and the challenge that the game presents. Many of us were hooked onto arcade games because of the extreme challenge it presented us and our desire to overcome it.

While arcade games are in a sense never ending, present day games lack the length of game play we all love. This is not to say that all games currently on the market are this way, but in many cases it holds true. You become addicted to the game, playing it week after week, until you have finally beaten it. But, after you beat the game, then what? You push the game aside and it is no longer of interest to you. However, arcade games of the 80's are not so easily beaten, and if you actually beat the game it is so addicting to the point where you can play time and time again.

Sometimes simplicity is just better. After taking a look at games like Pacman, Galaga, or Space Invaders you can see that an overly complicated objective or mission is not necessarily what excites our interests. Games that keep us engaged by enabling us to develop strategies, new patterns, and enhance our motor skills are enough to keeps us on our toes.

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