“Street Fighter” Turns 30 This Year

When you picture your ideal cocktail arcade table, you picture playing “Street Fighter.” It’s one of the most popular martial arts arcade game franchises of all time – you can’t think about the classic gaming days of the 80s without humming the “Street Fighter” theme song. Since 2017 marks the 30th anniversary of the game’s debut, Capcom is planning on putting the title back into the spotlight.

The Origins of the Game

“Street Fighter” was first released in 1987, developed and published by Capcom. Surprisingly enough, it was the first fighting game ever created by Capcom, but the beginning of an incredibly successful franchise. Game play involved fighting in an international martial arts tournament as the character Ryu. In two-player mode, the second gamer controls Ken, Ryu’s rival.

The player moves through the game by fighting opposing martial artists from different countries. Every match includes three 30 second rounds. If one player doesn’t knock out the other within the allotted time, whoever has the most energy left wins the round. Players have to win two out of three rounds to move on to the next match.

The Franchise

Even though the first title in the “Street Fighter” series wasn’t the most popular as the second installment, it was the start of something big. “Street Fighter II” was released in arcades in 1991 to widespread acclaim and instant popularity. Four short years later, “Street Fighter II” had already grossed over $2.3 billion in revenue.

Capcom’s Celebration

Capcom has some exciting secrets in store for fans of the franchise. Yoshinori Ono, the “Street Fighter” series producer, has hinted that Capcom will be revealing some surprises either at San Diego Comic-Con or E3, along with updating “Street Fighter 5.” Also, Capcom has announced the release of “Ultra Street Fighter 2” for the Nintendo Switch. The new version of the game will include two brand new characters and an additional game mode.

Now is a great time to brush up on your “Street Fighter” skills. Order a classic arcade machine that includes your favorite martial arts title and revisit the arcade fight game glory days.