Latest Version of Street Fighter Gets Arcade Mode

Capcom, the company behind the hugely popular Street Fighter franchise, is releasing an arcade edition of Street Fighter V next year. You'll have to play it on a console or PC, but the gameplay will be like Street Fighter upright video game machines you remember from your youth. Capcom is calling this new version of the game Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition.

The Legend that is Street Fighter

Capcom introduced the world to Street Fighter in 1987 and at the same time set new standards for fighting video and arcade games. In 1991, it released the second series of the game, Street Fighter II. With this version, the Street Fighter franchise took off.

The game's characters became famous with gamers all over the world as millions did battle with friends or in single player mode. As a result, around 39 million copies of the various versions of the game have been sold through the years. Street Fighter V is the latest.

Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition

Capcom released Street Fighter V in early 2016 on PlayStation 4 and PC. Many players couldn't figure out why there wasn't an arcade mode, however. Capcom will correct this with Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition. In fact, the company said an arcade mode was the thing fans most wanted it to add to Street Fighter V.

In arcade mode, you will choose one of six different paths. You will then fight different opponents with the ending dependent on your progress.

Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition is going further than adding an arcade mode, though. You will also get:

• New V-triggers – Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition will let you choose a second V-trigger for each fighter

• Battle Mode – fight through challenges with time limits, earn fight money, and unlock premium outfits

• Updated design and other features – Capcom has overhauled the design and there will also be a gallery

In addition, Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition includes 28 classic Street Fighter characters, including those from the first and second series of the game. Those characters include Ryu and Ken from the first incarnation of Street Fighter as well as Vega, Balrog, M. Bison, and Chun-Li from the second series.

If you already own Street Fighter V, Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition will be free. The release is expected in January.

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