Spectacular Interactive Presents the Batmobile as Seen Over the Years

From the original Batmobile to the one featured in ‘The Dark Knight Rises,’ Bruce Wayne’s preferred form of transportation has gone through quite a few transformations. Simply titled ‘Batman,’ game developer Spectacular Interactive’s objective is to treat players to an experience that seamlessly combines the feel of a high speed racing game with an vivid graphics engine, within an expansive playing world. ‘Batman’ comes in a sleek cocktail arcade table cabinet, complete with a comfortable seat and fully functioning steering wheel.

Unlike other Batman titles that center around martial arts and gunfights, the Batmobile is the supreme star of the show. All of the accessories seen on past and present models of the Batmobile will be supported in this interactive racer, including cannons, guns, grenade launchers and even flying action. Classic villains like the Joker also appear in the game, riding their own signature vehicles in pursuit of Batman.

Much of the title takes place on the streets of Gotham City. An in-game map of the city shows 13 distinct playing areas and settings, where missions, villains and adventures await. Even more exciting than these vast areas is the Batmobile itself. At the start of the game, players are prompted to select one of 10 different and historically memorable versions of the Batmobile. It’s worth noting that older varieties of the Batmobile are great to look at, but they’re not always as practical when fighting well equipped enemies.

Batman himself appears in the game quite often, but he’s always pictured while strapped to the driver’s seat. All of the action takes place with players banking sharp turns, shooting at foes and dodging projectiles. Everyone knows that Batman is buff, but the Batmobile has been way underutilized. ‘Batman’ looks to appease fans of the winged crusader and his never ending supply of rarely used technological innovations.

Every time that a new Batman movie is announced, the two main questions that fans have are, who’s playing Batman, and what does the Batmobile look like? This new cocktail arcade table looks like it’s going to be a fun ride for anyone that has wondered what it’s like to be inside of the infamous Batmobile.