South Korean Military Plagiarizes Video Game Footage to Showcase New Jet

You may be able to find arcade machines for sale, but you won’t find any video game developer willing to part with their intellectual property. Someone needs to alert the South Korean military of that fact. In a 2015 video that was supposed to detail the amazing capabilities of their new fighter jet, they plagiarized video game footage from two different games. Now the military is in the hot seat, especially since taxpayer money was used to create the promotional video.

Plagiarism on Another Level

The Korean Aerospace Industries KF-X is a military program that’s designed to produce a cutting-edge fighter jet with better capabilities than the KF-16, with a goal of completing the jet by 2020. The program was officially announced in 2001, so the video released in 2015 was supposed to be impressive. After all, it was supposed to show viewers the progress that had taken place over the past 14 years.

South Korea’s Ministry of National Defense released the video, which can be viewed on YouTube, that shows off the remarkable abilities of their new fighter jet. The only problem? The footage isn’t real. The video borrows footage from two different games, “Battlefield 3” and “Ace Combat: Assault Horizon.”

Everyone Is Pointing Fingers

Not surprisingly, nobody seems to want to take the blame for the plagiarism. The military promises to stop using the video and blames the production company for the mishap. The company doesn’t want to take responsibility either, instead blaming the Agency for Defense Development and Korean Aerospace Industries since they had control over the video’s final cut.

The controversy only mounted when it was discovered that $40,000 of taxpayer money went towards financing the video. As of now, EA and Bandai Namco, the two developers whose games were plagiarized, haven’t threatened legal action, but that’s a likely outcome. The cost of this mistake could quickly multiply if the publishers decide to sue. The new KAI KF-X-jet may be able to fly fast, but it won’t be able to fly away from these consequences.