The First Skill-Based Gambling Machine Makes Its Debut

It looks like an upright arcade machine, but it’s more than just that. Danger Arena, the first skill-based video game, is set to premier in Atlantic City this fall, and developers are hoping it’s a hit, especially with a certain demographic: young adults. After years of developing the game and submitting plans to review boards, the time has finally arrived – the time for casinos to take the next step and modernize their entertainment offerings for Gen-X and millennial adults.

Is Danger Arena Fun to Play?

The success of future skill-based video games will largely depend on how the first, Danger Arena, is received by the target market. Is it tempting enough to convince you to play another round and perfect your technique?

The game, produced by GameCo Inc., is a first-person shooter that will feel familiar if you’ve spent enough time playing classic arcade games. The difference is that you will use a controller to shoot rather than a play gun controller.

GameCo, Inc. has decided to release the game at Atlantic City area casinos, including Caesars, Harrah’s Resort and Bally’s Wild Wild West. Within the next six months, GameCo, Inc. plans to release games in Las Vegas. They are also planning to release a new game every month in 2017.

Casinos Must Draw the Next Generation to Stay Alive

Skill-based video games aren’t just a way for casinos to expand their client base – the industry is desperately searching for a way to draw crowds in the wake of increasing losses. Four Atlantic City casinos claimed bankruptcy in 2014. Delaware’s revenues went from $651.7 million in 2006 to $400.9 million in 2015.

While part of the lost revenue in these states is due to increased gambling opportunities elsewhere, the industry as a whole is barely increasing profit year to year. According to the Center for Gaming Research at the University of Nevada, casino revenues have only grown by a total of 1.4 percent over the past decade.

Skill-based gaming will do more than spark interest in a younger crowd – it could revive an entire industry, and Danger Arena will be the first test.