SNK 40th Anniversary Collection Will Soon Be Available on PS4

Do you remember playing Vanguard in your local arcade back in the 1980s? It was such a popular game that it got converted and ported to multiple systems, including as a cocktail table arcade game and as a game on the Atari 2600 and the Atari 5200.

Vanguard was one of the brilliant arcade games made by the Japanese company SNK. Now you can play 24 of its best titles on your Nintendo Switch with the release of the SNK 40th Anniversary Collection. Plus, there is a PS4 version of the collection being released in March.

The modern console versions are true to the arcade classics, plus they have new features. This includes rewind gameplay functionality, a museum mode, and a watch mode where you can improve your skills. Here is the trailer for the collection:

Titles in the SNK 40th Anniversary Collection

All of the games in the SNK 40th Anniversary Collection are classics in their own right, but three stand out – the aforementioned Vanguard as well as Ozma Wars and Ikari Warriors

. • Vanguard is a space shooter with multi-directional scrolling. The objective is to destroy Gond, the bad guy who has been attacking colonies around space.

• Ozma Wars is notable because it was one of the first arcade games released by SNK. It was developed by Logitec and is a fixed space shooter like Space Invaders. In fact, it was the second ever fixed shooter, behind Space Invaders. It counts a first to its name too – it was the first action game where you had an energy supply, much like health bars in just about every modern action game on the market today.

• Ikari Warriors is the youngest of these three games as it was released by SNK in 1986. It was inspired by the Rambo movies but was different to others on the market because it had a two-player mode and rotary joysticks. It became one of SNK's most successful games of the 1980s and was ported to multiple systems including the Atari 7800, the Apple II, the ZX Spectrum, the Commodore 64, and the NES.

The above three SNK classics from the 80s are reason enough to seek out the SNK 40th Anniversary Collection, but there are other great games included too. Here’s the full list in alphabetical order:

• Alpha Mission

• Athena

• Beast Busters

• Bermuda Triangle

• Chopper I

• Crystalis

• Fantasy

• Guerrilla War

• Ikari Warriors

• Ikari Warriors II: Victory Road

• Ikari Warriors III: The Rescue

• Munch Mobile

• Ozma Wars

• P.O.W.

• Paddle Mania

• Prehistoric Isle

• Psycho Soldier

• SAR: Search and Rescue

• Sasuke vs Commander

• Street Smart

• Time Soldiers


• Vanguard 

• World Wars

While the above list of games is great, you have other options for playing classic 80s arcade games, including on your own full-size arcade machine. Check out our range today.