Retro Games to be Hot Topic at Game Developers Conference

Normally, video game developers look to the past for inspiration and ideas. However, at this year’s GDC Europe, there will be a summit centered entirely around the importance of the classic cocktail arcade table. Although arcade parlors are not nearly as popular as they once were, largely because of the growing home console market, there has been a slow, underground movement emerging. The ‘DIY’ age of arcade gaming includes gamers who repair old machines, those who make accessories and even people who come up with entirely new concepts.

Even the youngest video game developers are aware of classic arcade titles, whether they played them in their youth or not. The Independent Games Summit in part plays homage to classic arcade games while simultaneously predicting their future. Just because no more video games of the 1980s and 90s are being manufactured means that they have been forgotten.

For two days, professional developers and gaming fanatics will gather together in order to talk about everything from indie arcade games to the classics. A panel covering how do-it-yourself classic gaming elements can be created for cheap will also take place during the Independent Games Summit. Developers will also talk at lengths about topics like arcade games ported to the Commodore 64 home gaming system and lesser known classic titles.


In general, the Game Developers Conference is an event where bright minds and legends collide, resulting in new creations. Because games can be made with multi-million dollar investments or shoestring budgets, having a place where developers can discuss their ideas is vital to the preservation of gaming. Simplistic 16-bit games that were first developed during the golden age of gaming have consistently been used as the prototype for the most popular mobile games.

All fans may not be excited to see a cocktail arcade table or retro console at the Game Developers Conference, but their feelings are not reflective of the gaming community as a whole. Classic games are constantly being re-mastered, ported to contemporary consoles and remade altogether because of one simple factor; demand. If diehard gamers were no longer interested in retro games, they would have long been forgotten about.