Recent Arrest of Couple ‘Addicted to Arcade Games’ Leads to More Questions Than Answers

Its been covered on the news and even the Dr. Phil Show; gaming addiction. For some, it might mean sleepless nights spent playing an MMO on the computer or playing Call of Duty on online cooperative mode. In Japan, you can still find plenty of late night arcades that keep original Ms Pacman cocktail tables on hand. As arcades continue to close down in the United States, the most popular arcades in Japan keep on growing. So when you hear a report about a dangerously desperate couple that has been pick pocketing fellow gamers, it is puzzling to say the least. The couple, consisting of a man named Jun Kanemaru and his girlfriend, a possible underage, teen runway who has not been named to protect her identity.

Right from the start of their relationship, the couple discovered that they had a perchance for arcade gaming despite the fact that they were both flat broke. The two met anonymously on the web, so there is a chance that neither of them knew the reality of what they were headed into until it was already too late. After Kanemaru met up with the unknown woman, they began spending a lot of time together at local arcades. Once what little money they had was spent, they began targeting other gaming fans.

After being arrested and interviewed by police, Kanemaru reportedly gave a complete rundown on his illegal activities. Apparently, the couple enjoyed arcade gaming so much that they ripped off whoever they could in order to play a few more games. It wasn’t until they were discovered stealing at popular Japanese arcade Akihabara that the couple had to admit their multiple problems.

In the United States, most people think that being addicted to games means that you spend all of your free time in front of a gaming console or at your computer desk. Japanese arcade culture is quite different as it permeates into almost all parts of modern society. The original Ms Pacman cocktail table is seen as anything but a relic in Japan, and even school age children understand just how important classic games are.