Ready for Some Hacking and Slashing Fun? The Classic Golden Axe is Back


Sega has brought back Golden Axe, the classic hack and slash fighting game you used to play on an upright arcade machine back in the late 1980s and early 1990s. Now all you need is your phone and you can become one of the famous revenge-seeking fantasy warriors again.

You can play the classic game Golden Axe again as it is now available as part of the SEGA Forever collection. The Sega Forever collection is an initiative by Sega to release classic game titles on modern platforms, specifically for Android and iOS devices. Here’s the new trailer for Golden Axe:

Nobody Said Battling Evil Should Be Easy

If you wanted to play Golden Axe in the arcade back in the day, you had to have a lot of quarters in your pocket as the game was tough. It was addictive too – if you were a fan you just had to beat it.

If you don’t remember it, Golden Axe is a side scrolling beat 'em up game with a fantasy-medieval theme that was released in 1989. You fight with one of three warriors and the objective is to beat the evil Death Adder who has taken over the peaceful land of Yuria.

The three warriors are all now classic gaming character legends:

• Gilius Thunderhead – a dwarf with a large battle axe whose brother was killed by Death Adder's soldiers

• Ax Battler – a broadsword-wielding barbarian out for revenge for the death of his mother

• Tyris Flare – a princess who became a warrior after her parents were killed when Death Adder and his army invaded their kingdom

To progress through Golden Axe, you had to kill Death Adder's soldiers by slashing them with axes or swords and using magic spells. Each warrior cast different types of spell, with Tyris Flare’s being the most powerful.

Sega released several sequels to Golden Axe, the latest of which was Golden Axe: Beast Rider in 2008. For many fans, however, the original version of the game remains the best.

Playing Golden Axe on Your Phone

What’s the Sega Forever version of Golden Axe like? Firstly, it's just as difficult as you remember the original. There are some additional features including a duel mode, cloud saves, and leader boards. According to the busy rumor mill, a multiplayer mode is apparently in the pipeline.

Playing Golden Axe on your phone is a fun trip down memory lane, but it is still nothing like playing classic games in a real arcade. To experience that again, check out our range of classic arcade machines.