Playing Classic Arcade Games on Your Wristwatch? “Gameband” Will Make This a Reality

Want to carry classic arcade games with you everywhere you go? While certain games are best enjoyed on an arcade cocktail table, many people believe that wristwatch gaming will be fun and enjoyable, if the number of people who have backed the “Gameband” Kickstarter project is any indication.

What Is the Gameband?

The Gameband isn’t the first smart watch that allows for on-the-go gaming, but it’s definitely going to be the first smart watch solely dedicated to gaming. The FMTwo Game Inc. and Atari have struck a partnership – producing a smart watch that’s 100% designed to play some of the best classic games in history.

Atari is rewriting games such as “Pong” and “Centipede,” designing them for play on the watch’s 1.63-inch screen. The Gameband will have impressive capabilities, including WiFi and Bluetooth, battery life that dwarfs the Apple watch and an SD card slot that allows you to expand memory up to 128gb.

Sure, the screen is undoubtedly small to play games on, especially if you have a smartphone at the ready. But with a smart watch, many other factors help you play games, such as body movement, steps, voice activation and more, paving the way for games created specifically for smart watch play. The Gameband will also feature other apps such as a calendar, an alarm and a music player, so it can realistically compete with other smart watches available.

The watch will also have a USB-C connector that allows you to hook the watch up to the computer and play games on a larger screen whenever you’d like.

The Kickstarter Project

As of this writing, the Gameband raised over $222,000 with 21 days left to go in its Kickstarter campaign, well over the initial $75,000 goal. It’s clear – the 1,263 backers want to see Gameband become a reality, and once it does, you’ll be able to purchase one for only $199. What better way to spend your time, perhaps while you’re waiting in line at the bank or sitting on the bus, than quickly winning a round or two of “Pong?”