PlayStation 4 Gears Up for a Flurry of Vintage Arcade Releases

In the world of video game consoles, getting the most buyers often involves getting exclusive titles, and getting them first. It really doesn’t matter if a home console maker focuses on racing games or arcade classics, but listening to the voices of buyers is vital. And for Sony and the PlayStation 4 console, it looks like retro is the way to go. Titles from the original Ms Pacman arcade machine series were among the first to be ported to the PlayStation 4, but Sony is gearing up to do much, much more.

Classic Japanese video game Crazy Climber was never well known in the U.S. during its height, but old school arcade lovers have always been fond of the title. Sony has included both Crazy Climber and its sequels on the PlayStation in the past, but only for the Japanese market. Now, it seems that Sony wants more than the same group of classics that have been appearing on consoles past to help promote the PlayStation 4. Along with Crazy Climber, Rygar, and Ninja-kun: Adventures in the Demon Castle are soon to be released for the PlayStation 4.

Microsoft and Sony have been releasing scores of classic arcade games for their most modern systems, but most titles have been pretty predictable. Super Mario Bros., Duck Hunt, and RoadBlasters have been added to just about every online game catalog in existence. However, with Sony now adding Japanese vintage games to the mix, fans have some serious questions to ask, and Microsoft may be forced to answer.

There are hundreds of classic video games produced in Europe and Asia that have never officially seen the light of day in the U.S. Hardcore fans will know their names, but the masses still don’t know that they are around. In theory, both Microsoft and Sony could use the foreign, vintage video game content angle and get many more fans interested in their products. Remember just how many copycat versions of the original Ms Pacman arcade machine there were? Things that were popular in the past usually come back into fashion, and a few hand selected vintage games from overseas could help these companies to stay in demand.