Play Classic Sega Games for Free on Your Phone with Sega Forever

When was the last time you played the role-playing game Phantasy Star II? Do you miss seeing the original SegaSonic the Hedgehog beeping and blinking in the long line of arcade game machines of your youth? Do you fondly remember those long hours spent playing the brilliant beat 'em up arcade game Altered Beast? If so, Sega is launching a new mobile gaming venture which might interest you. Like many others, Sega is joining the ever-growing list of companies getting involved in the retro gaming revolution. It is doing this with the launch of Sega Forever, an initiative where the company will make many of its classic games available for free on mobile devices - both Android and iOS. There are five games in the initial launch phase, although Sega is promising it will release more. The first five are: • Sonic The Hedgehog • Phantasy Star II • Altered Beast • Comix Zone • Kid Chameleon You can download and play each of these games for free, but they include ads. Removing the ads costs $2 per game. You can play the games offline, save your progress in the cloud, and there is a leader board feature. In addition, you can plug in a controller if you don't want to use the touch screen on your phone - or if you want a more authentic retro gaming experience. Of course, this is not the first foray Sega has made into the mobile app store world - Sonic The Hedgehog has been available since 2015 and you can download and play Crazy Taxi too. Sega Forever is a more concerted and organized effort, however, to reconnect fans with the games they used to play. Sega also hopes to find new audiences for its classic games among the younger generation. The games in the first release are all Sega Genesis titles - Genesis is the console Sega released in 1989 to take on Nintendo. That said, the company says it will, in the future, include games in the Sega Forever collection from all its consoles. So, while you can't currently play 1980s Sega classics like Zaxxon as part of the Sega Forever initiative, it might appear sometime in the future. You can play Zaxxon now, however, as well as many other fantastic classic games on one of our authentic arcade machines. Check them out today.